Monday, October 1, 2012

Pass/Fail: Down IV Part I - The Purple EP

The Purple EP is the first of four EPs that Down plans to release.  This one features six songs, three of which are very good, while the others fall into the mediocre/average category.

"Levitation" gets the EP off to a great start.  Like the rest of the tracks, it has a certain doomy/sludgy feel to it.  It's also the catchiest song here.

"Witchtripper" slows things down a bit but then speeds up at the chorus.  Unfortunately, the chorus is simply "Witchtripper," which seems somewhat lazy to me.  Nevertheless, this is still a good song.

The middle of the EP is where Down stumbles a bit.  "Open Coffins" is the weakest track, but "The Curse Is A Lie" isn't that much better.

"This Work Is Timeless" tries to get things back on track, but it's "Misfortune Teller" that leaves an impression.  It picks up the pace and brings the EP to a strong close.

While not as good as I'd hoped, The Purple EP has its moments.  At only six songs, it doesn't overstay its welcome, but if it were much longer, I'm afraid that it might.

Grade: Pass

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