Saturday, November 17, 2012

Class of 2012: Graveyard - Lights Out

Sweden's Graveyard plays classic-sounding, bluesy, psychedelic rock.  Last year's Hisingen Blues didn't receive the attention that it deserved (I know that it did in some circles, but...).  With Lights Out, however, Graveyard seems poised to get bigger and bigger.

Lights Out gives us 9 songs in just under 36 minutes.  Consequently, this record doesn't overstay its welcome.  Opening track "An Industry of Murder" reminds us of Graveyard's sound and at the same time lets us know that not much has changed since Hisingen Blues.  (This is a good thing.)

The slow-burning "Slow Motion Countdown" feels somewhat average until the two-minute mark when its sweeping chorus takes over.  This song turns out to be one of the record's highlights.

"Seven Seven" and "Goliath" are the album's super-charged rockers.  Needless to say, these two songs are very good, with my nod going to "Seven Seven" as the slightly more potent one.

The vocals on Lights Out are strong and varied throughout.  Listen for an almost Brian Johnson-like performance on the verses of "The Suits, The Law & The Uniforms."  Better yet, "Hard Times Lovin'" starts off like The Doors meets Leonard Cohen but ultimately finishes strong.

In this day and age of releasing albums every few years, I was surprised that Graveyard already had a new record coming out.  And now, I'm already looking forward to what I hope to be a new long-player from Graveyard next year.

Grade: B+  (89.3%)

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